Seed Saving isn’t always a beauty to behold

To the uninitiated that is

lemon Drop Chillie

I’m planning on saving seeds from my Lemon Drop Chillie that I over-wintered and as I’m growing other varieties, like Thai Red Hot and Pretty In Purple I need to isolate the budding chillies so they don’t cross-pollinate.

There are different ways of ensuring that you don’t cross-pollinate, but one of the easiest has to be making a pollen bag from some old net curtains (I popped up the road to a local 2nd-hand shop and bought some nets). Basically you need a square of material, about 4″x4″, and sew 2 sides up, turn inside out and hey-presto, a pollen bag.

You need to jump in quickly before the bud swells, and you can start to see the flower head forming and opening.

Lemon Drop Chille

So back to the not so attractive looking patio plants, that are my Lemon Drop Chillies. They are now the proud wearers of pollen bags tied on with some garden twine.

As to the chillie itself, it is as it’s name implies a Lemon colour, I’ve found that it has warmth, but not searing heat

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