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I’m a fan of alliteration. It’s impossibly appealing. Rolling the letters around your tongue, playing with words and seeing where they take you.

I came up with the title after a visit from a blogging buddy (you see I can’t escape the alliteration appeal – oops there’s goes another!).


It’s more than a title it’s an idea. I’ve met with a couple of bloggers – over cups of coffee or something stronger, it’s a joy to put a voice to the words I read, the photos shared and the stories told. Something special about meeting and getting to know the person behind the words; swapping stories, sharing places.

Karen, of Small House Big Garden who “digs the Vero Ranchero” is in the UK on an extended visit, based in London she’s discovering the city and the country. She’s literally packed up and pissed off for 6 months of exploration, travelling alone and living the life. We met in London and visited the Chelsea Physic Garden together. A few days later Karen came to visit me in Hastings. A fun packed chatty couple of days, including a “compulsory” trip to the allotment.

AllotmentAfter Karen left I had a fascinating conversation with a friend who remarked on my spirit of generosity in  inviting a relative stranger into my home and life. My response was a shoulder shrug of non-comprehension. For me blogging is just that. An invitation.

It’s not like some Air B&B business I’m offering here, I don’t want your money, nor am I running a boutique home stay hotel. I have a busy life including a working life. What I am doing is sharing.  I’m happy to share my life – admittedly it revolves around drinking good coffee, but is also known to include books, music, gardens, allotments, food, art, my local pub, the beach, my friends, my home.

And it got me thinking – you know where I am so if you’re heading this way give me a shout, whether you’re a foodie, a gardener, a photographer, poet and writer we all have stories to share and enjoy – in person.

Lamb House BearIn a world of seemingly utter insanity – of wars and cute kitten videos – putting a voice to the words and sitting chatting makes so much sense


  • I am so glad to hear you dear Claire, spring is so nice and time for planting and gardening… I loved your photographs, especially the last 🙂 loveeeeeeeed so much. Thank you dear, have a nice day and weekend, love, nia

  • What a lovely post and a lovely approach…well, I know you’re lovely because we’ve met up a couple of times. Which reminds me….need to sort something out again soon!

  • What an outstanding offer! A super splendid sentiment, even. To know of your need for new knowledge and seek it through a nice knock…
    I hope this brings you many happy memories and transitions new friends into old ones.

  • Your generosity to a stranger is a refreshing note in the current climate of paranoia … not that caution isn’t advised. The teddy sitting on the bench is very welcoming.

  • Sharing enhances the richness of life whether it is food, plants or experiences, so I applaud your generosity of spirit and openess. We should all be prepared to be a little more trusting and reap the rewards of making the stranger welcome.

  • Don’t quite know I would use the word ‘generosity’ if hosting .virtual. friends ? Methinks in most cases it is a totally win-win situation where one gives of oneself and oft receives so much richness to one’s own life in return! Trust? The moment we put our name and the first few personal details into the blogosphere there has to be some trust, even if carefully followed . . .

  • I have only met a handful of blogging friends, but each time it has been such a rich experience. I would love to meet more. If I ever have the wonderful chance to come your way, I will gladly let you know. I find it amazingly rich to have so many friends who are familiar to me in so many ways, even if we have yet to meet face to face. I would love to put the voice to the words whenever possible. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Claire.

  • Oh to be in England in the Spring! Claire I really enjoyed this post so much. It is rare to get to meet our blogging friends in person so this must have been interesting and joyous. Sometimes I feel my blogging friends know more about me than my “in person” friends. Isn’t that odd? If I find myself nearby I shall give you a shout and come to see you in person. Thanks for the invite. It is returned to you of course if you ever find yourself in Nashville, Tennessee. Best.

  • Hi Claire. What a lovely post. It is very generous of you, yet generosity has a way of returning the favour.

  • I couldn’t agree more, I’ve actually met quite a few wonderful bloggers whom I would gladly entertain in my home as friends. It really is such a generous and lovely community.

  • You know how deeply I agree with this approach, of course! But you say it so well. Deep and delightful friendships evolve in the ether just as readily—if not more so—than in the so-called real world, where we’re often too busy, too intimidated, lazy, slow to express our true selves, and otherwise inept at connecting to the same levels. Isn’t it grand that one of the large influences on our contemporary existence is such a positive one! Sending happy hugs on hearing this heartwarming, heavenly hail from you!

  • Claire, having just returned from my own blogging extravaganza where I spent the night with other bloggers in two personal homes, I totally get it. It felt completely natural to do what we did since we’ve all gotten to know each other through our blogs.

    I would love to look you up on a trip to England. I’ve only been twice, in 1989 and again in 2008. I’m passed due. I’m in San Jose, California, so if life brings you this way, my door is open.

  • There is a group of local blogging buddies that I get together with. Twice I almost met more distant bloggers but the timing didn’t quite work. I would love to join you for coffee (or something stronger) someday. Consider the offer mutual.

  • One of the nicest things about blogging is the friends we make. It is wonderful when we get a chance to meet.

  • It sounds a bit like me, being the introvert I seem to thrive with online relationships. Anyway, I am back after an online and technical hiatus

    • Thank you! Yes summer is OK – kind of hectic and very English weather – we had tropical downpours yesterday, so the garden is looking very lush! I hope all is well with you x

  • Isn’t wonderful to finally meet up with others that you have know on line for yours. I bet your garden is just gorgeous and can’t wait to read about your harvest!

  • What a lovely time your friend must have had.. and what an awesome invitation. You’re so right, it is great to finally meet up with the person behind the words I’m sure! I haven’t been able to even read blogs and am so happy to be here right now:D xx

  • I have had the rare opportunity to visit with two of my Blog-friends. One I went to see, and one invited herself to see me! Both were wonderful visits. Wasn’t it you who wrote about our blogging community and how our ripples go out and cross into so many peoples lives? (Something like that, only I think you stated it much more poetically.) In the grand realm of blogging I think that like attracts like, so is it any wonder that we trust in the unknown? And after years of sharing and reading can we really say we are strangers? Nope!

    I have missed your posts for some time. It seems that we both have been more silent in the blogosphere this past year. I’ll be looking a bit more closely into my mailbox for your alliterative news from now on. 🙂

  • OK, I am back again. Maybe just a word to let us know you are alright and still visiting the allotment? I miss your lovely posts.

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