As my blog has grown from a few gardening ramblings to one that includes recipes I have created a summary page to conveniently link to my recipes.


The majority of recipes are savoury, I have a savoury tooth, I’m not saying ‘boo-hiss’ to sweet treats; it’s just I don’t often eat them.  There are a few fishy recipes like Thai Fish Cakes or South Indian Fried Fish, remember I live by the sea and in a town which has its own small fishing fleet. As you wander through the recipes you’ll see most are Vegetarian. I’m not a vegetarian but do eat a lot of veggies, well you’d hope so wouldn’t you seeing as I love to grow so many. The majority of recipes use fresh seasonal ingredients grown on my allotment. The joy of growing fruit and vegetables for the kitchen to be used at their freshest and best is a treat and I realise I’m lucky to be in this position; you don’t have to have an allotment or a vegetable garden to make these dishes! but if I’ve inspired you to grow a few salads, herbs or even try your hand at a few veggies then that would be fabulous. Once you’ve tasted home-grown veggies you won’t look back!

So take a moment and have a stroll or scroll through the dishes –




Rice and Grain


Mains and Sides

Pickles and Jams

Bits and Bobs

Sweet Treats


    • Thanks for th elink, that’s lovely. I’ve come to realise that a big part of growing my own food is about the cooking. So the recipes have for the most part come about from what’s fresh in the garden today. I’m starting to look forward to the Purple Sprouting broccoli, next month !

  • Yes we have a patch of purple sprouting, looking very cold and sad at the moment, but I know it will produce lovely fresh sprouts soon. Last year we were ‘cut and coming again’ for about 6 weeks.

    • To be honest I’m starting to drool at the thought of fresh PSB, it certainly fills a garden gap at a time of year when little else is growing and can be picked

    • Oh heck! You’ve reminded me that I haven’t updated this for AGES. Slacker! Yes, that’s me 🙂 I’m been trying to figure out a good format for the recipes, I still don’t think I’ve hit on the right one though!

      • ahhh – yes – having spent the past year writing my blog without giving much thought to categories or even topics (just write and see what happens, and food happened!) I now have way more categories than is healthy and need to redo. I think your recipe page works. Though you may want to put anchors at the top of the page directing people to the different sections. 🙂

        • I know what you mean about just writing a blog and then a while later realising that you’ve got yorself into a tangle, don’t even mention tags! I actually think I’d be better off having a couple of blogs, one for the garden and food and one for life/travel, but I’m too lazy 🙂 Good tip about the anchors, thank you. I’ll have a look at those, hopefully I’ll have a bit of time next week…..

  • It is very interesting how our blogs evolve and the directions they seem to take. You have a lot of of very nice recipes.

  • Thank you!
    What a fabulous find … I’m going to link you to Behind The Green Door my new blog.
    I’m unable to cook or plant anything lately unless I’ve got my camera close by …

    • And thank you 🙂 Its funny isn’t it what happens when you start blogging, suddenly everything becomes a potential post! And thanks for popping in

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